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Xtra Root

Humic extracts for mutualistic symbioses between roots, the substrate and the nutrients to generate active, bigger and healthier root systems:

  • Activates the soil biological activity.

  • Increases soil fertility.

  • Improves water retention and nutrient use.

  • Enhances tolerance to stress related to ploughing and transplanting.

  • Helps in root initiation, root growth, expansion and elongation.


XTRA Root is a humic extract with high concentration of quality humic and fulvic acids (low molecular weight), to help the formation of structural aggregates and improving the physico-chemical and agronomical characteristics of the soil. This would activate biological activity, increase fertility of soils, and improves water retention and the presence of gaseous constituents, to create the best conditions for root growth, expansion and elongation of crops. Furthermore, the formula boosts tolerance to stress related ploughing and transplanting in the beginning of the agricultural season.

The product is supplemented with organic carbon (OC), the main source of energy for soil microorganisms, and the added organo-mineral nitrogen (N) is to control the carbon-to-nitrogen ratio (C/N ratio), which determines carbon quality and availability, and regulates decomposition and fertility in soils. The amino acids are considered as precursors and constituents of proteins in plant metabolism, they also play wide roles in plant, acting as regulatory and signalling molecules even under stress conditions. Due to the positive correlation between humification and phosphate-sorption capacity, totally water-soluble phosphorus is added to the formula to increase its absorption for its important role in energy-transforming processes in the crops. Given that zinc is an integral component of enzyme structures, its presence in the formula plays a catalytic and structural role in enzyme reactions.


XTRA Root is ideally used by fertigation (2-3 applications), on all crops and at the first growth stages. A distance of 10-15 days is recommended between applications. If needed, it could also be used by foliar (2-3 applications).

Crop Fertigation Foliar* Growth Stage
Field Crops 3-6 L/ha 200-300 mL/100 L Transplanting, seedlings or bedding till establishment
Vegetables 4-8 L/ha 250-400 mL/100 L Transplanting, seedlings or bedding till establishment
Trees 5-10 L/ha 250-500 mL/100 L Fruit set and maturation
Protected Agriculture 0.5-2 L/1000 m2 100-500 mL/100 L Transplanting, seedlings or bedding till establishment
* The rates are calculated considering a volume of 500-600 L of mixed solution per hectare for foliar use.


Liquid fertiliser, brown colour, 6.5 pH, density 1.16 g mL-1.


1 Litre bottle, 5 and 20 Litres tank.